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Little did we know that as we drove out Stark Farm Road at the end of 2020 that the year ahead would be so tumultuous.  For in the spring of 2020 the corona virus pandemic arrived with a vengeance.  But with a resolve and faith in the future, the boys of Lake George vowed that they would find a way to honor his holiness in 2021.  And in early March, gather they did, albeit outside of the traditional late February FJ's celebration window.  Midweek gatherings are now the norm as retirement shows its benefits. Weather is unusually warm for this event, reaching a high temp of 60 degrees.  Due to restrictions, the Mountain Club is closed to guests but that does not deter the group from enjoying the mountain. Abundant sunshine combined with soft thawing snow made for some of the best skiing of recent history.  Solomon commits a faux pas when during a 3 & 1/2 finger salute he blatantly says "Oooh Chef of the Future".  For this he earns a 30 day suspension.  Trail names abound:  Sunriser Super*eath*r, Big D and Upper Jizzly Bear.  The boys elect to eat in both nights.  A meal of steaks, potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms and onions is cooked to near perfection. Parity returns to the billiard table as Solomon surprises the group with multiple wins and Palmeri, after being stymied early, reaches down deep to end the competition with 5 straight wins.  Some traditions of course will never die:  calling each other wusses and blurting out the word "rrrrrubber"

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