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At a special executive meeting by the members in January and in the presence of the YaYa sisterhood, an amendment to the by-laws was proposed and passed by an unanimous vote. The amendment allows the members to now begin their annual meeting on the first Sunday  after the President's Day Holiday. Though masks are still required, the Mountain Club is now open, once again, for member use.  After being fueled by their traditional steak and potato dinner from the prior night, the boys hit the mountain on a frigid but sunlit day. Top speeds of 43 MPH are obtained on Sunrise Super*****er. Over 17.6 miles of skiing with 20K ft of vertical elevation are recorded over 47 trails. Despite tired legs, the boys convene in the evening for a round of billiards.  Taylor, after a few years of mediocre play, reestablishes his mojo, capped off by three amazing 8 ball cushions shots to soundly defeat the competition.   A motion is made over a glass of scoootch to establish an avenue for the admission of a new generation of followers culminating with the unveiling of a Junior Membership Application Form on the website.  Day 2 of skiing brought high winds, overcast skies and flurries.  Palmeri finds some timber after an ill-fated rope-duck maneuver sent him off course and down an embankment.  The quote of the week is from Frank who, upon observing Marty fully focused while lighting a fire, says "What are you looking at"?

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