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Father Jewels in FL

In a valiant attempt to aid the Dayton Flyers in their epic NCAA basketball tournament battle against yet another formidable foe in the Florida Gators, a Father Jewels 3 & 1/2 finger salute was seen at the table of the Burgerbar, a restaruant in the fabled West Palm Beach, FL. Leading the charge to salvation was none other than our founding member, Dana Taylor. Joining in the vesper session were friends from Redding Country Club, from left, Gary Malbin, DT, Chuck Stuhr, and Brian Meehl. Though his eminence was distinctly absent from the basketball venue in Memphis on this night, he made an impact apperance at the Garden in NYC on the next evening, as the UConn Huskies trounced the Spartans of Michigan State in yet another memorable upset of the 2014 tournament.

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